As a lake front property owner, we at Aqua-Doc realize how important it is for you, your family, and guests to have a safe and enjoyable season on the water.  You should expect nothing short of quality waterfront equipment and service.  At Aqua-Doc, we understand your needs and are able to provide you with a reliable application that is engineered to make your summer truly memorable.

     Aqua-Doc has been in the business of manufacturing and servicing pier, floating docks, boat hoist and custom rail systems.  Our Very first application was installed 25 years ago, and we are proud to say that customer is still enjoying the quality and safety of his pier.  We are proud to say that we have earned a reputation for producing products of superior quality and delivering excellent service during our tenure in business.

     We do not believe in making a product and then trying to make it "adapt" to your particular situation.  Rather, we believe in manufacturing a product that is engineered specifically to meet your needs.  For a free consultation on any improvements you may be interested in making now or in the future, please call us to set up an appointment at your convenience.

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